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A trio of classical musicians performing Jeremiah Clarke’s Trumpet Voluntary
and Pachelbel’s Canon.  Both classical pieces of music are performed on the Cello, Flute and Harp. This slide show is an example of  music that would be appropriate for a wedding ceremony or the cocktail hour of a wedding reception.


The Order of the Music at a Wedding Ceremony:

Processional refers to the music that is being played as the bridal party enters the church, once all the guests are seated. One piece of music for the bridal party, then another for the bride.

The prelude refers to the music performed prior to the recessional, as the guests are being seated.

The recessional refers to the music at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom exit first, followed by the bridal party, the parents, and the congregation. Modern couples are changing the rules to suit their needs, the family dynamics and their religion.


About the Trumpet Voluntary:

“The Prince of Denmark’s March” is more commonly known as the Trumpet Voluntary by Jeremiah Clarke.
It is customarily played as the bride enters the church with her father, the processional. “The Prince of Denmark’s March” was composed by Jeremiah Clarke. It is called The Prince of Denmark’s March; but better known as The Trumpet Voluntary. It was composed for the keyboard, probably,around 1700. This music can be heard at a number of royal weddings, most notably at the 1981 wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Jeremiah Clarke (c. 1674 — 1 December 1707) was an English baroque composer and organist.

Thought to have been born in London around 1674, Clarke was a pupil of John Blow at St Paul’s Cathedral. He later became an organist at the Chapel Royal. After his death, he was succeeded in that post by William Croft.

Clarke is best remembered for a popular keyboard piece: the Prince of Denmark’s March, which is commonly called the Trumpet Voluntary, written about 1700. From c. 1878 until the 1940s the work was attributed to Henry Purcell, and was published as Trumpet Voluntary by Henry Purcell in William Sparkes’s Short Pieces for the Organ, Book VII, No. 1 (London, Ashdown and Parry). This version came to the attention of Sir Henry J. Wood, who made two orchestral transcriptions of it, both of which were recorded. The recordings further cemented the erroneous notion that the original piece was by Purcell. Clarke’s piece is a popular choice for wedding music, and has been used in royal weddings. Most notably the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

The famous Trumpet Tune in D (also incorrectly attributed to Purcell) was taken from the semi-opera The Island Princess, which was a joint musical production of Clarke and Daniel Purcell (Henry Purcell’s younger brother)—probably leading to the confusion.

Pachelbel’s Canon

Pachelbel’s Canon is the name commonly given to a canon by the German Baroque composer Johann Pachelbel in his Canon and Gigue for 3 violins and basso continuo (German: Kanon und Gigue für 3 Violinen mit Generalbaß) sometimes referred to as Canon and Gigue in D or simply Canon in D. It is his most famous composition. It was originally scored for three violins and basso continuo and paired with a gigue. Both movements are in the key of D major.

Like most other works by Pachelbel and other pre-1700 composers, the Canon remained forgotten for centuries and was rediscovered only in the 20th century. Several decades after it was first published in 1919 the piece became extremely popular. The piece’s chordal progression has been appropriated in numerous commercial pop hits, particularly during the 1990s, such as in Pet Shop Boys cover of “Go West”, Coolio’s “C U When U Get There” and Green Day’s “Basket Case”.

This piece was composed by Johann Pachelbel(1653-1706)



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Photography courtesy of Pixabay

Slideshow and blog created by Ana Maria Verrusio


Skyline Seven Brings Down the House!

Skyline Seven, Proud Mary

Skyline Seven is seen here performing a benefit concert for the Chilton Medical Center. The audience was dancing in the aisles for this big party!

This is one of the premiere party bands that serves New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. They can be experienced live during the summer months at a number of outdoor concerts; where they get folks off their lawn chairs and dancing the night away.

Those smart enough to reserve this party band for their wedding will find that their party will be the event of the season. With front line choreography this high energy orchestra does Motown and then some! Here they are playing a song made famous by Credence Clearwater Revival and Tina Turner.

Skyline Seven can go from Motown to Rock songs in an instant. They are known for their versatility, powerhouse voices, and instrumental precision.

For Holiday Parties, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Wedding Receptions…if you want the best dance band around, give us a call.

Recorded live at the Chilton Medical Center Concert.

To reserve Skyline Seven for your own powerhouse event, contact Joe at:


(908)464-0038, (908)451-1955

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The song Proud Mary was written by John Fogerty. It was first recorded by Credence Clearwater Revival (John Fogerty’s band) in 1969, and then again in 1970 by Ike and Tina Turner. It has since become a signature song for Tina Turner. Both versions of the song vary in style and energy, both versions have become well-loved classics.

Idol Kings perform live in Parsippany, NJ

“Lonely Ol’ Night,” The Idol Kings, Tribute Band, John Cougar Mellencamp & Journey

Live in Parsippany

In the warm summer months, you can find concerts all throughout the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Those of us living in the New York Metropolitan Area need to be outdoors as much as possible during the warm months of June, July and August.  We videotaped this Rock Tribute Band during one such concert.

We were pretty far from the bandstand, yet the sound on our camera still comes through nicely. When you hire this tribute band, they perform two sets per evening.  They are available for concerts, corporate events, holiday parties, weddings.  Their repertoire is extensive, and the musicians are very talented.  Check out the guitar solo towards the end of this song.

The sets are as follows:

The first set of the evening was John Cougar Mellenamp: 

They dress like the band, and sound just like them. You can hear their voices harmonize quite well. The lead singer in this set sounds just like John Cougar Mellencamp!

The second set on this particular evening was devoted to Journey:

For this set, the lead singers switch. Some of the band members will play a different instrument, and they all change their clothing and appearance to look like the rock band, Journey.

To reserve The Idol Kings for your own event, contact Joe at:





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Lonely Ol’ Night

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Lonely Ol’ Night”

Single by John Cougar Mellencamp

from the album Scarecrow

Writer: John Mellencamp

“Lonely Ol’ Night” is a rock song written and performed by singer-songwriter John Mellencamp as John Cougar Mellencamp. 

It appeared on his 1985 album Scarecrow, and was released as a single, peaking at number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

It also reached number 1 on the Top Rock Tracks chart, staying at the top spot for five weeks.

Here We Come A-wassailing

Here We Come A-wassailing, Dickens Carolers

Our Dickens Carolers will bring the Victorian Era to your holiday events.  This talented group of singers can walk through larger venues and bring holiday cheer to your guests.  Wether you are hosting an employee party or simply a special evening, our singers will bring the authentic look and sound that you see in this video.  They have a large variety of songs to choose from, they look authentic, and sound great.

This video was taped live at a New Jersey County Club.  When guests arrived at the club, they were met with the sounds of Christmas Carols being sung by this group.  Later on, the Carolers walked from room to room performing a mini-concert in each dining room.

To reserve our Dickens Carolers for your own Merry Christmas event, contact Entertainment Consultants at:



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Here We Come A-wassailing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Here We Come A-wassailing (or Here We Come A-caroling) is an English traditional Christmas carol and New Years song, apparently composed c. 1850. The old English wassail song refers to ‘wassailing’, or singing carols door to door wishing good health.


According to Readers Digest; “the Christmas spirit often made the rich a little more generous than usual, and bands of beggars and orphans used to dance their way through the snowy streets of England, offering to sing good cheer and to tell good fortune if the householder would give them a drink from his wassail bowl or a penny or a pork pie or, let them stand for a few minutes beside the warmth of his hearth. The wassail bowl itself was a hearty combination of hot ale or beer, apples, spices and mead, just alcoholic enough to warm tingling toes and fingers of the singers

Invite the Chairman of the Board to sing at your next bash!

Entertainment Consultants and Music New Jersey present:

Frank Sinatra impersonator, Gary performs “Learnin the Blues”

Invite “The Chairman of the Board” to your next bash. Our Frank Sinatra impersonator, Gary, delivers Frank to your party in the elegant style we came to know and love. Perfect for cocktails, weddings, corporate events and fundraisers.

To reserve Gary for your very own gala, contact Joe at:


(908) 464-0038
(908) 451-1955

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Learnin’ the Blues
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

“Learnin’ the Blues” is a 1955 popular song by Dolores Vicki Silvers.

The best-known version of the song was recorded by Frank Sinatra in the 1950s, which peaked #1 at the Billboard charts. He re-recorded the song for his 1962 album, Sinatra-Basie.

Electric Violinist Performs “Fly Me to the Moon” During Wedding Ceremony

New York  Area Classical musician, Susan H., is seen performing during a New Jersey wedding ceremony. In this video clip she is playing “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Brides and grooms don’t always choose the typical classical tunes that we are all familiar with. Your wedding should reflect your personality; for most of us, certain songs reflect who we are and what we like. In this particular case, the bride wanted certain popular tunes as her guests entered the sanctuary and during the ceremony itself. Included in her choice were songs that most of us would recognize as rock music.

Susan, the violinist, plays the electric violin; with the electric violin, you can get that gritty sound that gives certain pieces of music an edge. Obviously, she also plays a regular violin. We like the electric violin because of the variety of music and sounds that a performer can get out of it.

This type of music is great for weddings, dinners, cocktail parties, corporate events, fundraisers, fashion shows, etc. With the versatility of an electric violin, the music amps up the “cool” factor, even if the music is classical.

Susan is available for parties and events in:   New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

To reserve Susan for your own “cool” event, fill out the contact form below: