Harp and Electric Violin Duo

Harp and Electric Violin Duo


Minuet from Le devin du village by Jean-Jacques Rousseau



Presented by Entertainment Consultants, an agency dedicated to providing live music to New York, New Jersey and Connecticut since 1985.

This duo would be the perfect accent during the cocktail hour at a wedding, or during a bridal shower or a christening!   We can think of a myriad of reasons, excuses and parties where we would love to hear these two classical musicians!  The sound has been kicked up a few notches into the twenty first century with the use of an electric violin.  The electric violin is quite versatile:  It can sound quite classical(like here), or it can really rock out.

 Taped live, during a bridal showcase at The Olde Mill Inn, Basking Ridge, New Jersey.   You can hear the sounds in the background; we usually do live videos, so that our clients can get a truer vision of what things will sound like at their own parties.

Minuet from Le devin du village Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 – 1778)

To reserve music for your very own special occasion, contact Joe at:

Email:  ecmusicnj@gmail.com

Phone: (908) 464-0038  or  (908) 451-1955


5 thoughts on “Harp and Electric Violin Duo

    1. These two ladies get hired to do a lot of wedding ceremonies and cocktail parties. We book them as a duo or as a single act. Country clubs love them for dinner music or ladies luncheons. The violinist is one of our musicians that gets hired the most.

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