How to add Annotations and a Subscription Link to a YouTube Video

Why use annotations?

We have noticed that some of our friends fail to use some very helpful tools that YouTube provides.  Hopefully this video and explanation will get you to consider the importance of annotations, and get you to use them.

Annotations can be quite useful in conveying to your viewer information they would otherwise miss.  They are vital to anyone who runs a business and uses YouTube to showcase their product.

Most people coming to a YouTube video, want short & sweet!  No one wants to spend a lifetime watching a video, they simply do not have the time.  Unless your video is worthy of an Academy Award, your viewer will not scroll over to the ‘About’ section to learn more.

How do you give your viewers the information they need to contact you, to subscribe to your channel, upcoming events, item names or id numbers?  You  have the option to include all of this information in your ‘description’, and you should do so.  The problem with just using the description option is that most visitors to your YouTube channel will never delve that far into the page.  In addition, if you are linking your video to Facebook or Google+, the description never comes up.  The only thing that shows up is the video!  If you use the annotations feature, you have the ability to put all relevant information on the video itself.  If the viewer doesn’t want to see it, they can click it away.

Kindly use the form below to post your comments, or suggestions for our next YouTube tutorial.  We will try to keep them as brief as possible, while still giving you all necessary information.



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