Classical Quintet Performing a Waltz

Waltz performed by Classical Quintet

Taped at a Candlelight Dinner celebration this past Christmas.

Imagine dining while this music is being performed for you and your guests. The voices you hear in the background are those of the guests at this Candlelight Dinner event.

Our Candlelight Dinner consists of the following:

Dickens Singers:
Will serenade your guests as they arrive at your party. Later as the evening progresses, they stroll through the various rooms.

Classical Musicians:
Such as the ones you see and hear in this video clip, perform while guests dine.

We bring in a high quality choir to perform a concert for you and your guests to enjoy. When the concert ends, guests are invited to join the choir in a holiday sing-along.

The evening recharges everyone with the joys of the holiday season.

To plan your own Candlelight Dinner, contact Joe Verrusio at:

(908) 464-0038
(908) 451-1955

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