#”Csardas” Piano and Violin Duo, Classical Music, NY/NJ/CT, Wedding,Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, – YouTube


Classical Music for NY/NJ/CT wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, private parties!

Csardas, Piano and Violin Duo:

Susan(violin) and David(piano) are playing Csardas by Vittorio Monti(1868-1922). Csardas was composed in 1904.

We must apologize for the poor sound on this video clip.  This was shot at a country club in New Jersey; they were celebrating their grand re-opening.  The club had just had major renovations, so this was the first time the members had a chance to experience their new clubhouse.  It was very exciting, and the new look  is absolutely gorgeous!

We had a variety of music in different rooms.  This was our classical duo.  We also had a steel drummer in one room, a singing kee-jay, and a solo singer/guitarist in the fourth room.  It truly was a wonderful evening for all involved.  We are in the process of going over the video we taped…it’s a slow process, but we will be releasing the all the video-clips within this month.

To book this pair of classical musicians for your event, contact us at:







12 thoughts on “#”Csardas” Piano and Violin Duo, Classical Music, NY/NJ/CT, Wedding,Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, – YouTube

  1. Wow! She is so good (even with the bad audio quality in the video) 🙂 It’s cool to know about your services for all kinds of events, thanks so much for sharing a little sample with us 🙂

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Delia. We like to use live videos, rather than studio work, because we want our viewers to see and hear what their parties are going to be like.

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