Electric Violinist Performs “Fly Me to the Moon” During Wedding Ceremony


New York  Area Classical musician, Susan H., is seen performing during a New Jersey wedding ceremony. In this video clip she is playing “Fly Me to the Moon.”

Brides and grooms don’t always choose the typical classical tunes that we are all familiar with. Your wedding should reflect your personality; for most of us, certain songs reflect who we are and what we like. In this particular case, the bride wanted certain popular tunes as her guests entered the sanctuary and during the ceremony itself. Included in her choice were songs that most of us would recognize as rock music.

Susan, the violinist, plays the electric violin; with the electric violin, you can get that gritty sound that gives certain pieces of music an edge. Obviously, she also plays a regular violin. We like the electric violin because of the variety of music and sounds that a performer can get out of it.

This type of music is great for weddings, dinners, cocktail parties, corporate events, fundraisers, fashion shows, etc. With the versatility of an electric violin, the music amps up the “cool” factor, even if the music is classical.

Susan is available for parties and events in:   New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

To reserve Susan for your own “cool” event, fill out the contact form below:


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