Jazz: Alive and Well in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut!


Black Orpheus/The Manhattan Trio
New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Jazz Music

Jazz is still alive and doing well in the New York Metropolitan Area.  Very few folks are getting rich($$) from jazz, but all are gaining riches!

The Manhattan Trio will really set the mood at any cocktail hour, dinner party, or Christmas event.   We love their smooth jazz sound.  The combination of jazz guitar, trumpet and keyboard provides for beautiful sound in the smallest of spaces.

Regardless of setting, the Manhattan Trio will set the ambiance.

Reserve The Manhattan Trio, contact Joe at:


(908) 464-0038 or (908) 451-1955

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Black Orpheus:
Manhã de Carnaval” (“Morning of Carnival”), is the title of the most popular song by Brazilian composer Luiz Bonfá and lyricist Antônio Maria.


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