Broadway Rocks! – YouTube

Broadway Rocks!

…is a collection of the best songs, from the best rock musicals, performed live.

Broadway Rocks!

…combines outstanding songs from contemporary Broadway, presented by talented musicians and singers, from a variety of musical paths. They create a unique night of entertainment, resulting in sheer enjoyment.

Broadway Rocks!

…showcases the talents of some of the most dynamic vocalists in the tri-state area(New York, New Jersey, Connecticut). They are backed by a powerful band that delivers powerful performance with high-caliber musicianship.

Broadway Rocks!

…provides moving tribute and deep meaning the rock musical theater genre.

Entertainment Consultants is now booking this show. They are available for school performances, for charity events, fundraisers, or as a country club event.

To reserve Broadway Rocks!

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(908) 464-0038 or (908) 451-1955

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via Broadway Rocks! – YouTube.


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