Just Dance/Uptown Rhythm, Wedding Band/New York/New Jersey/Connecticut – YouTube



New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Live Music Band, Wedding Band.

Entertainment Consultants is proud to present Uptown Rhythm. One of New Jersey’s top party bands; these guys play everything! Everyone has a great time when Uptown Rhythm is in the house. Uptown Rhythm features front line choreography and a high energy sound.

Cocktail Hour:
You could book one or two members of the band to provide a subdued, elegant sound for your guests to mingle and get acquainted with each other.

The band knows to play lower volume, low-key music during dinner. This is the time when your friends and family will want to have intimate conversation; they want to hear what others have to say. Uptown Rhythm knows that the volume needs to be taken down a notch during dinner.

Dance Time, Fun Time, Party Time, Let’s Party!!!
This is when the crowd wants to burn off the calories from the excellent meal they’ve just consumed. If you’ve booked our band, your party will be memorable…you and your guests will not want to leave the dance floor.

This was taped live at a bridal showcase and you can see how much fun the audience is having. We try to show our bands live, so that you can see the musicians are playing real instruments. We do not hire sequenced bands or Karaoke bands!

Reserve Uptown Rhythm Now! Contact Joe at:

E-mail: ecmusicnj@gmail.com

(908) 464-0038 or (908) 451-1955

This is a real, honest to goodness Band!  Our agency specializes in providing live music and entertainment to the New York Metropolitan area.  We simply refuse to work with Karaoke bands or sequenced bands.  Our feeling is that if you’re going to hire a Karaoke band, you might as well hire a DJ(hopefully one of ours, they’re on the air!)

Karaoke or sequenced bands have their music already pre-taped and pre-arranged before they even arrive at your event.  They can’t extend the length of a song when the dance floor is full.  If the tape ends, the song ends…on to the next song.  Anybody can be a musician in one of these bands, they don’t need to play an instrument; the sequencer is doing the real work. The only one doing any real work in one of these bands are the singers.

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Video courtesy of:
Ashley Haglund
Generic Brand Human Productions
Phone: (201) 485-1179


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